Update from Sister Mary 17 March 2015

The school has a re-opening date 14 April!

We so hope that the terrible ebola crisis has passed and people and students can resume their lives.

Sister Mary has provided an update on the situation.

Update 17 03 15

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Optimism for 2015 at St Joseph’s School

Please read the latest newsletter – Challenges ahead – from the Friends of St Joseph’s School. There is cause for optimism in the coming year as the school is planning to re-open next month (March) with many projects planned. These are challenging times though and we are as always grateful for all the support you give to Sister Mary and her team as they try to secure a future for children whose families, communities and country have been ravaged by the ebola epidemic.


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Shoeboxes bring some joy

Sister Mary reports that the shoeboxes filled with Christmas gifts provided by Friends of St Joseph’s has provided a a ray of sunshine in an otherwise very gloomy situation.

See news update – Christmas comes early!

The Guardian newspaper has also reported on this  see GUARDIAN ARTICLE

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